How Surgical Malpractice Can Cause Nerve Damage

Surgery is inherently risky. When your Kentucky surgeon fails to perform his or her duties to the appropriate standard of care, the risk is amplified. Sometimes, a surgeon’s negligence can result in nerve damage that may be temporary or permanent.

There are two main surgical mistakes that can result in nerve damage: an anesthesia error and direct damage caused by a surgical instrument.

Damage Resulting from Anesthesia

During the administration of general or local anesthesia, even a small mistake may result in the blockage of blood flow to the entire nervous system, or to specific nerves. If your blood flow is constricted for a long enough period, it may cause a permanent and debilitating injury.

Physical Nerve Damage

A careless surgeon may accidentally cut a nerve with a scalpel or burn it with a laser. Sometimes this is repairable, and other times it is not. If a major nerve is severed or otherwise affected during surgery, it can result in disabling damage.

If your Kentucky surgeon or other medical professional has acted a way that deviates from the accepted medical standard of care, then he or she may be found liable for your injuries. Please fill out our online form and if your claim appears valid, the Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC will work to recommend a Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer to assist you.